Workout tonight, and much more this weekend!

Exercise with Kiki today at 7pm!

We’re hosting an extra workout today to make up for some of the classes that were cancelled due to poor weather. Join Kiki tonight at 7pm!

And don’t forget to come to Yoga on Saturday at 9am!
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Saturday Story Garden!
Join Miss Alexia on the Playstreet for a special weekend session of Story Garden, a musical storytime for children ages 0-4. All ages are welcome to come and sing and dance along.

Sponsored by the Queens Bike Initiative to connect our parks with safe bikeways.

Saturday, July 25, 11:30 am

DiverCity Mapping Project on Sunday

Hibridos Collective is thrilled to release the printed and interactive map of the Jackson Heights DiverCity Mapping Project, a 2-year community mapping experience with local residents! Come pick up a free copy of the printed map designed as a map zine (a self-published fold-out magazine) capturing neighborhood resources and assets as well as challenges.

This map zine documents the mapping process of Jackson Heights residents who participated in the DiverCity Mapping Project through community workshops and a mapmaking toolkit for a self-guided neighborhood exploration. Each mapmaker created a journal that includes more detailed notes, photographs, collages and drawings on their neighborhood findings and reflections on the meaning of living in a diverse community. Read more about our mapping experiences, flip through these digital journals and check out photos from our community engagement workshops at

Jackson Heights DiverCity Map Zine Release

Sunday, July 26 11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Build Bike Lanes! is organizing a petition to support and build a network of bicycle lanes in our area. We are very big fans of this, and fully support their efforts, so please sign their petition, and join them on facebook!


Summer Sundays 2015!

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