Tuesday April 7th, 8pm – Diversity Center.

The 78th Street Play Street strategy for 2009/2010.

After a very successful closing of 78th Street on Sundays during Summer/Fall of 2008 we have regrouped and started weighing our options for the future.

Our eventual goal is to make 78th Street a permanently closed street which would become part of Travers Park. It would act as an expansion to the park.

Our immediate goal is to see how closing the street for a longer period would improve the community, so in order to achieve this we are considering its closure for the entirety of the Summer in 2009. This would coincide with the NY schools Summer vacation dates.

Many of you responded to our request for comments on last year’s Play Street and the comments were all extremely positive. Now we are reaching out again to hear your thoughts on the plan we are proposing.

To this end, please come for a meeting on April 7th at 8pm in the Diversity Center – 76-11 37th Avenue.

Your comments, thoughts and ideas are all very welcome, this is your community and your Play Street so please get as involved as you possibly can!


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