Tell Congressman Crowley “Boycott Trump”

Tell Congressman Crowley “Boycott Trump”

Dear Jackson Heights neighbor,

Join us in requesting that our elected representative, Congressman Joseph Crowley, boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration to protest Trump’s hatred, reject his dangerous policies towards immigrants, women, Muslims and people of color, and highlight his failure to dissolve massive conflicts of interests with his family and business empire.

Please call Crowley’s office at (718) 779-1400 and tell him to stand with other New York Congress members (including Nydia Velazquez, Grace Meng, Jose Serrano, Jerry Nadler, Yvette Clarke, Adriano Espaillat) in boycotting Trump’s inauguration.

More than 50 courageous Congressmembers have joined Congressman John Lewis in saying that they won’t attend Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday!

Congressman Lewis said that he cannot consider Trump a legitimate president because of Russia’s election tampering. Congresswoman Barbara Lee cited Trump’s “divisive and prejudiced campaign.”

Momentum is growing. If we keep raising our voices, we can help Representative Crowley usher in an even bigger wave of fierce opposition—which is the only way that we’ll be able to slow or prevent Trump’s attacks on our communities and Constitution.

Can you pick up the phone right now and call Congressman Joseph Crowley to ask him to follow the lead of Congressman Lewis and fellow New Yorkers and skip Trump’s inauguration?

You can say: “I urge Congressman Crowley to join fellow New Yorkers and skip Donald Trump’s inauguration. His hate-filled and corrupt campaign and incoming administration cannot be normalized or legitimized. Our resistance to Trump must start now, with an inauguration boycott.”

Now is the time for our representatives to represent our Jackson Heights community and protect our Jackson Heights values.


Jackson Heights Green Alliance

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