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Jackson Heights Green Alliance Inc

The Jackson Heights Green Alliance is an all-volunteer organization committed to increasing and improving public open space in our neighborhood. Our efforts are entirely funded through grants and donations, and we have no paid administrative staff. When you donate money to the JHGA, you can be assured that every cent goes towards the cost of improving open spaces, and creating new ones.

Here are some examples of how your donation might be spent:

Public programming

All events on the 78th Street Plaza are free and open to the public! Your donation can help subsidize the cost of providing our diverse array of arts, cultural, and athletic events for all ages. We offer tennis classes, yoga, musical performance, arts & crafts for children, film nights, and much more.

Sports and play equipment

With hundreds of children using the plaza every week, our sports and play equipment get heavy use! We frequently replenish our rotating supply of badminton sets, soccer balls and nets, wiffle balls and bats, bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, and more. All of this equipment is free and available for anyone to use, and your donation can help us keep the fun and games going strong!

The Jackson Heights Green Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization. Click here to make a tax-free donation.

You can also donate supplies and equipment, such as:

Tables and chairs
Cleaning Supplies
Toys and games


There are many ways to help us on our mission:

Help keep the street clean
Move equipment around
Fix broken/damaged equipment
Hold an event on the plaza

Contact us with any questions!

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