Saying Goodbye to the 78th Street Plaza

Dear friends and family, as we bring 2017 to a close, we’re a little sad because it looks like this will have been the last year of the 78th Street Plaza. That’s the bad news, but the good news is the reason for this is that the space will switch from a Department of Transportation Public Plaza to part of the Parks department once the new, expanded Travers Park becomes a reality.

This was meant to happen a long time ago, in fact we’ve been waiting for several years for this to happen, and although the Parks Department was meant to start construction in the fall, they have delayed it once again until March. Hopefully this is the last delay, because this might be a painful one – having the bulk of the park under construction during Spring and Summer will be a real burden to our community which is already struggling with inadequate park spaces.

That said, the results will be really nice, and something that the entire community will benefit from, so we look forward to a speedy construction phase that hopefully allows the community access to some parks space while it’s taking place.

We in the Jackson Heights Green Alliance are proud and honored to have been part of the 78th Street Plaza from the beginning. We think you’ll agree that it has been a great benefit to Jackson Heights, and there have been so many wonderful events that have taken place on the Plaza over the years that we can barely begin to list them, so we’d like to just say thank you to everyone who has helped out, in one way or another. From Council Members Dromm and Ferreras, to the wonderful people in the Neighborhood Plaza Partnership, to other community groups like the JH Beautification Group, Queens Community House, Make the Road, and many many more we’d like to express our gratitude in the help you have given us, and all of the hours you have put in to help Jackson Heights.

We have also had a large number of members of the community help out in innumerable ways – hosting events on there for free, volunteering their time and energy to help build community, engage with neighbors and build a very special place that has always been accessible to everyone, and to them we would also like to say thank you.

We in the JHGA will continue to advocate for more and better public spaces in our neighborhood, fight to protect our city from attacks on our parks (remember the proposed soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows?), and help our friends and neighbors connect with each other in all sorts of ways.

Yours truly,

The Jackson Heights Green Alliance

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