Play Street Dance at 3:30, concert at 4!

Sunday August 7th 3:30pm – Play Street Dance!

Amanda Hunt and IV Castellanos collaborate to combine their respective performance practices, Amanda’s rooted in the moving body and IV’s rooted in task and action. Their work looks like constructing to deconstruct, catching each other’s bodies to let them fall, and abstracted movement within a pedestrian vocabulary.

All this while wearing matching utilitarian jumpsuits and boots. Queerness and Feminism privileged.


Then stay for the 4pm concert with the Kim Clark Trio and Anastasia Rane! (Jazz/R&B)

Tuesday August 11th 7PM – Free Zumba!

Thursday August 13th 7PM – Free Yoga!

Saturday August 20th 9AM – Free Yoga!

We enter our third year of offering free Yoga and Zumba on the 78th St Plaza along with our partners at Queens Community House, generously sponsored by Emblem Health.

The classes are scheduled as follows:

YOGA is on Saturdays at 9AM, and Thursdays at 7PM

ZUMBA is on Tuesdays at 7PM

Bring a mat if you can, but we will have some on hand in case you cannot.

To register for free, go to

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