Let’s look back at 2014!

Dear friends and neighbors, please join us as we take a look back at all the events that took place on the 78th Street Plaza over this past year. We had a lot of fun, the plaza was a valuable and much-needed addition to our neighborhood and we’re looking forward to the coming years!
The Jackson Heights Green Alliance is responsible for the Plaza, including the maintenance of the space. Thanks to the wonderful Neighborhood Plaza Partnership, we are able to use the services of ACE and the Horticultural Society to help keep the plaza beautiful. We pay for this through a combination of City Council funding, and donations.If you would like to support the JHGA, you can make a donation to us through our website here – jhgreen.org/support-us Now let’s look back at the year…
This Summer…Zumba!We were fortunate to take part in a program organized by our friends at Queens Community House. It allowed us to bring a lot of activities to the 78th Street Plaza for 3 months and it was a huge success.


Thanks to this partnership, and the Live Healthy program from Emblem Health, we offered all sorts of fun.


To get the blood flowing we had Zumba, exercise classes by Kiki, Yoga classes held by instructors from the Mimi-for-Me Yoga Studio.


We had cooking demos, by Sonya Gropman and others, health workshops by various notable guests and members of the Jackson Heights community.

The Live Healthy program continues throughout Winter with many free classes, taking place at the Renaissance School on 81st St in Jackson Heights.



Other events…We were lucky to yet again host Chhaya’s Chatpati Mela event which has always been a wonderful, huge party that attracts hundreds of people. They had a fashion show, dance groups, food, vendors and more.

Thanks to our friends at the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, once again PAL was present almost every weekday throughout the Summer. They offered a free daycamp to any kid who showed up and registered, many people enjoyed this – playing basketball, board games and learning new activities to play with friends.The JHBG also brought their much-loved music festival – Summer Sundays – to the Plaza once again, featuring local and other musicians and performers.
Even more events…

DJ Tony Mac returned! After not being able to make it last year, neighborhood resident and samaritan, DJ Tony Mac brought back his 78th Street Plaza dance party!

DJ Tony Mac

He played music and organized games for all of the kids who were on the plaza that evening.
It was a huge success, dozens of kids had a great time, and most of them won prizes – above all, they had a lot of fun!
We love volunteer initiatives like this!

DJ Tony Mac

Kids Music Together held a free event, open to the public, towards the end of the Summer. It was great fun for all the little ones who joined in..







…and their parents!

And more!

De Facto dance studio returned! We love them, and their annual Play Street Dance. They are some of our longest-running partners, we hope they will keep coming back!

Flicnic!Our good friends at the Queens World Film Festival returned as well, bringing movies on two evenings to 78th Street. These have always been wonderful events and we’re proud to partner with them.

 We hope you enjoyed this look back at the Plaza in 2014. It’s nice to remind ourselves just how much fun was had in this space.We are excited that soon it will have an even bigger impact on our neighborhood, once it is integrated into the new design for that area. We are hoping that the NYC Parks Department will soon be able to announce their plans for the design for the space, and we will make sure to involve the Jackson Heights Community in the process, so we can all decide how the Plaza, Travers Park and the Rory Staunton Field will end up benefiting the residents of our neighborhood.

Speaking of the Rory Staunton Field, let’s not forget the gorgeous mural that neighborhood artist Carlo Nieva made with the help of El Museo del Barrio and the kids from the Renaissance School.


We’d like to take this moment to say thanks to some people who have helped the 78th Street Plaza be so great.

First we’d like to thank Council members Danny Dromm and Julissa Ferreras who have supported this project from the start. The 78th Street Plaza would not exist without them and we are extremely grateful.

As we mentioned before, the Neighborhood Plaza Partnership has been a great partner to us, and they’ve also been very busy helping many other plazas too. We love them and so should you!

We would like to thank all of our programming partners for this year, the past years and for the future years. We cannot do this alone and we truly value all of the amazing events that have taken place on the Plaza!

We’d also like to thank YOU, the Jackson Heights community for all of your support, your financial support and all of the volunteer hours that countless members of our community have put into this ongoing project.

If you wish to  support the JHGA, you can make a donation to us through our website here – jhgreen.org/support-us

If you want to volunteer or help out in other ways, please let us know at info@jhgreen.org – we are always looking for more help.

Feel free to forward this email to friends, and tell them about us, we’re not shy! Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Your friends and neighbors at the Jackson Heights Green Alliance.

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