The Jackson Heights Green Alliance, the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, and the Friends of Travers Park have developed a proposal to expand our two-year-old Sunday Play Street program. We are proposing a pilot project to create a car-free 78th Street Play Street (between Northern Blvd and 34th Avenue) every day for the summer months of July and August, 2010.

Community Board 3 will vote on on our pilot project proposal on Thursday, May 20th.

We have the support of many local politicians and community members, as well as a number of city agencies.

But approval of the plan is anything but assured. That is why we need you to let the Community Board know your opinion on whether to expand the Play Street operation to July and August everyday. The meeting is Thursday, May 20:

78th Street Play Street Hearing
Community Board 3
Thursday, May 20th 7:30pm
IS 227 Louis Armstrong School
32-02 Junction Blvd (between Northern and 32nd Avenue)

If you cannot make the Community Board meeting, please email the Board at:

Also, please cc the Council Member at:

This is an important night for our organization and our community. Please come out and support this effort if you can.

Thank you,

Jackson Heights Green Alliance

78th Street Play Street in 2010

We are applying to run the Play Street again this year as we have done the past two years. The dates are June 1st until October 31st.

This year, however, we also want to open the street to the community for a longer stretch, from Monday to Sunday for the entire months of July and August. This will help alleviate the problems we have with the severe congestion in Travers Park.

You can help us with this by signing our petition. Please print out a copy, fill it out and get your friends and neighbors to sign it too. The more signatures we get, the stronger a case we will have.

You can find it here.

You can return the completed petitions to Espresso 77 on 77th street just north of 37th avenue.


78th Street Play Street starting on the 14th of June!

We’re delighted to announce the start of the 78th Street 2009 Season!

It will run from June until November 1st and we’re hoping it will be as much fun as it was last year.

Would you like to help out? If so please get in touch with us!

You can:

  • Volunteer as a Street Captain
  • Donate art supplies
  • Donate childrens books
  • Donate toys and sports equipment
  • Organize an activity or performance! Either for yourself or invite a friend, we are open to all sorts of fun events
  • Donate money! It will be spent on supplies and activities for the Play Street

Tuesday April 7th, 8pm – Diversity Center.

The 78th Street Play Street strategy for 2009/2010.

After a very successful closing of 78th Street on Sundays during Summer/Fall of 2008 we have regrouped and started weighing our options for the future.

Our eventual goal is to make 78th Street a permanently closed street which would become part of Travers Park. It would act as an expansion to the park.

Our immediate goal is to see how closing the street for a longer period would improve the community, so in order to achieve this we are considering its closure for the entirety of the Summer in 2009. This would coincide with the NY schools Summer vacation dates.

Many of you responded to our request for comments on last year’s Play Street and the comments were all extremely positive. Now we are reaching out again to hear your thoughts on the plan we are proposing.

To this end, please come for a meeting on April 7th at 8pm in the Diversity Center – 76-11 37th Avenue.

Your comments, thoughts and ideas are all very welcome, this is your community and your Play Street so please get as involved as you possibly can!